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Unusual weather is any weather conditions that would be uncomfortable/ impossible for you to work in. Alerts are SMS and email notifications that are sent by AfricaWeathers systems to you to warn you about unusual weather conditions taking place in and around your site.

Alerts include Rain, Wind, Fog, Discomfort, Temperature and Barometric pressure notices. You choose the SMS notifications you receive about unusual weather and they are based only on your requirements. When there is a risk of unusual weather for your site, a notification will be sent to you on the current day at 12pm to notify you on the following day’s predicted weather conditions that you specified to be warned about.

You can choose to receive minimum and or maximum temperature notifications. You can choose morning and or afternoon fog notifications for light, patch and or dense fog. You can choose to receive wind notifications where you have specified the wind speed and direction you would like to be notified about. You can also state the kind of weather conditions that would be a discomfort for you to work in and receive notifications about those weather conditions.