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Who is AfricaWeather?

We are the leaders in innovative weather solutions. Serving Africa with unique turnkey weather solutions from aviation, mining through to transport. We have rebranded from WeatherSA to AfricaWeather as we are now servicing the more towns in Africa and our current footprint extends all the way up to the top of Zambia. This will in no way affect our service offering to you as all our current systems as well as our partnership with the South African Weather Service (SAWS) will remain across South Africa.

We currently service over 1.4 million Africans via our website and mobile applications. One of the most unique features is our ability to track storms in real time, as well as provide consumers with an hour's forewarning of when the storm will hit their suburb. We interpret weather information and make it relevant to your lifestyle. You are able to customise notifications to suite your lifestyle from daily forecasts, storm warnings, news, through to telling you the best time of day to hit the beach or go for a cycle.

Who are our partners?

Our continental service includes forecasts, current conditions and live storm and lightning tracking. In South Africa, all these products come directly from the South African Weather Service with whom we have partnered with over the last five years.

After extensive R&D, we have selected the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) as a supplier for our African forecasts, storm tracking via EUMETSAT.

The inclusion of satellite into our offering means that our current South African clients will benefit too, as this will be used as a supplementary system with the current radar network. We will reduce the number of false warnings issued for radar clutter and the risk of radar downtime by using the satellite network for verification and fail-over.

What are our future developments?

Our business has been developing our capabilities developed in the South African market for expansion across the African continent. The initial phase of this development is complete. AfricaWeather is now able to offer an equivalent service across the continent.

Our team is hard at work developing the next generation of products and services that are now enabled with these new feeds. In the coming months, we will inform you when new features become available.

Thank you for your continued support. Please share the new URL.

How do I contact AfricaWeather?

Call us directly on 011-300 7480 or mail us on