How do I upgrade and why?

For website subscriptions, login and tap on weather, then settings. Upgrade your subscription level on the top left. For Apple devices go to myWeather and scroll down to your subscription choice then tap subscribe and follow instructions. For other devices, follow the SMS instructions for monthly SMS billing

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe please send an email to and we will be able to assist you. In iTunes, under your account, you can manage any active subscriptions. For other devices, follow the SMS instructions to stop monthly billing

How do I start or end notifications?

Please ensure that you have ticked your notifications in your settings, which can be found under weather. If you wish to no longer receive certain notifications, please untick them in your settings. If you have ticked to receive notifications and still not receiving anything, please drop us a mail on so we can assist you.

We are always looking to improve on our service and your feedback is important to us.

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