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What is AfricaWeather Construction?

Unpredictable forces of nature can have an adverse effect on your business. Whether it’s the scheduling of your crew, managing your project effectively, monitoring safety or implementing cost controls, inclement weather events can reduce your profits. By being forewarned, you can reduce labour and material costs while maximizing your resources and productivity.

AfricaWeather Construction is an online portal that gives you the most uptodate weather intelligence specific to your job site. You can access this portal on the web and your mobile phone so you can have weather intelligence in the palm of your hand wherever you are. It’s plug and play, with no need for additional software or hardware. Furthermore, we provide free training and support.

How AfricaWeather Construction helps your business?

Access to our meteorologists

Access our experienced team of meteorologists online. They will provide answers to any weather related queries.

Accurate rainfall prediction

If you know when the rainfall will start and cease, you will be able to prepare your job sites more efficiently. All weather data is specific to your job site. Furthermore, with our advanced warning system, we monitor your job site for you and notify you in the event of any unusual weather, in time for you to take appropriate measures.

Alarms can be set up for light, moderate, or heavy rain and storms. This allows you to protect your materials, and forewarn your crew. In addition, you can avoid false weather alarms, allowing you to continue your paving, pouring, or roofing work.

Optimise your scheduling

Our weather data provides you insight on the best time to pour, pave, or roof. We supply accurate and detailed forecasts specifically for your job site, based on advanced model data technology and managed by our team of experienced meteorologists.

This allows you to anticipate weather conditions up to 7 days in advance. We even provide hourly outlooks for the next two days. Forecasts are also updated every hour for more accurate planning. Forecasted wind speed, chance of precipitation, cloud cover, temperature, humidity, fog risk, pressure and fire warning can be viewed as detailed graphs. You can also access historical rainfall data for the past year.

Safeguard your crew

Real-time lightning data will not only assist in keeping your crew safe, but also prevent false alarms so that you can continue with your jobs without unnecessary delays.

The early warning detection system monitors lightning strikes as they approach your job site up to a 15km radius. This tool does it all for you. We also provide animated lightning strikes over the past hour to show if lightning is intensifying or subsiding. Additionally, you can view lightning information on your mobile phone or while on the go.

See the storms approaching

Our storm tracking tool also allows you to see where severe weather is located and headed over the next 60 minutes, as well as what time the storm will hit your job site.

You can set alerts for unusual weather and set custom alarms for temperature, wind, and other critical parameters, warnings, or advisories. Additionally, key weather alerts and warnings can be delivered directly to your mobile via SMS for critical weather updates


We allow you to customise your weather view with our layered viewing. You can also combine weather and map data pertinent to your operations. View radar, satellite, storms and observed weather lightning from a national to a site-specific scale. This customisation allows you to optimize weather related decisions.