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What is AfricaWeather Insure?

AfricaWeather Insure is a severe weather and hail notification service that insurers can utilize to reduce the risk of hail damage and accident claims due to heavy fog amongst their policyholders. Climate change has been identified as the number one global megatrend impacting the profitability of the industry. With the number of extreme and unpredictable weather events on the rise in South Africa there is an increasing need to forewarn consumers of inclement weather in time for them to take action.

We cannot prevent the rising number of extreme weather events, which cause damage to consumer’s property. We can however provide insurers with the ability to notify consumers in time to take action when inclement weather occurs. We are able to warn of potential hail damage, risk of flooding as well as other unusual weather such as dense fog on route. If one high value vehicle consumer changes their behaviour and avoids a hailstorm our system pays for itself.

We are also able to assist you in verifying damage, which is caused due to lightning through our easy to use online store. The online store will also allow you to easily pull historical weather information, which can be used in your reporting to better understand changing weather patterns.

See Storms Approaching

We monitor and track storms as they move across the country in real time through an extensive radar and satellite network. We notify you of the approaching storms, along with information around the storm, its intensity, direction, danger rating and identify risk factors such as hail and flooding potential. We are able to notify customers an hour in advance of a hail storm hitting their suburb thus allowing customers to move their vehicles undercover. We are able to warn customers of storms carrying a risk of hail, through to severe thundershowers and all rain showers. We have countrywide storm

Forewarning of Inclement Weather

Forewarning of Inclement Weather You can set alerts for unusual weather messages to be sent to your customers. These messages are fully customizable and can be branded in alignment with your corporate identity. You can select from various alarms for fog as well as regional warnings, or advisories, which are sent out a day in advance. Forewarned customers are able to change behaviour to avoid the impact of inclement weather such as leaving early for work or driving more carefully when they receive a fog notice thus avoiding the traffic and high accident risk.

No Fuss Installation

We have strong technical capabilities and are able to deploy this solution extremely quickly. AfricaWeather have the capability to send notifications directly to consumers alternatively you are able to leverage your existing messaging service. The alert notices generated at AfricaWeather will be transmitted to you from AfricaWeather using a Really Simple Syndication (“RSS”) feed sent to your own computer systems in real time. You are then able to determine which consumers should receive the Alert Notices. Alternatively, we can send the notifications directly to your customers via SMS. We currently send notices to over fifteen thousand subscribers on a daily basis. We work with our clients to ensure that the service is set up quickly and easily.

Accurate Historical Reporting

This service is limited to South Africa where we have a partnership with the South African Weather Service (SAWS). They have an extensive infrastructure of weather stations across the country for which they record historical weather information. Some of these stations date back to the late 1800s. We are thus able to provide our customers with extensive historical data on weather patterns in South Africa. We are able to customize reports around our consumers’ requirements and identify trends and weather patterns, which have an impact on their business and their ability to forecast their risk profiles around inclement weather.

Verify Lightning Claims

We also offer lightning verification reports across Africa. Your call center agents are able to log into our online store and pull a report to verify a clients' lightning claim. By simply inserting a location and time period – we provide a detailed lightning report of the lightning activity that occurred at the clients location at the time of the incident. This service was developed to decrease the number of false lightning claims and is used extensively by other industries to identify if damage to plant and equipment is due to lightning strikes.