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The weather warning system is an online portal that gives you the most up-to-date weather intelligence specific to your site. It is used extensively by prominent mining houses, which include BHP Billiton, Anglo Gold, Anglo Coal,Exxaro, Aquarius Platinum, Goldfields, ARM and Xstrata.

How we help your business

We monitor and notify you to take action Our lightning warning system monitors your location 24/7 and we notify you when there is a danger condition. We provide real-time lightning notifications and advanced warning of storms. We monitor weather conditions as per your requirements and provide advance warning of unusual weather so that you have time to take action.

The system has been designed to take out the human element, when there is a danger condition our systems automatically notifies the mine. Our system works seamlessly with your control room as it’s plugandplay, with no need for additional software or hardware. Furthermore, we provide training and support to all staff utilising the online system.

Safeguard your people from lightning

Our lightning warning system monitors your location 24/7 and notifies you in the event of grounded lightning strikes. We utilise The South African Weather Service’s lightning detection network (Vaisala) installed across South Africa.

This network includes largescale lightning detection nodes that provide uninterrupted coverage throughout the continent. Unlike other systems we only notify you of grounded lightning strikes which are dangerous to plant and equipment.

Real-time lightning data will assist in keeping your people safe and prevent false alarms so that you can continue with your operations without unnecessary delays. In addition, you can view lightning and storm information on your computer or smart phone to learn more about the inclement weather.

See the storms approaching

AfricaWeather performs storm tracking using real-time observation networks. Throughout Africa, we utilises the EUMETSAT, which is the key satellite network servicing the Southern African region.

Our online stormtracking tool allows you to see where severe weather is located and headed. We provide notice of rapid thundershower development with at least an hour’s notice of approaching storms. The system will provide you with rich information around the storm such as its estimated time of arrival, direction, intensity and distance from your site. You can also see if the storm will miss your site with its projected path.

You are able to identify which storms moving towards your site contain lightning and if lightning strikes are intensifying or decreasing. The online storm tracking tool allows you to identify the exact location, intensity and exact time of recorded lightning strikes.

We allow you to customise your weather view with our layered viewing. You can also combine weather and map data pertinent to your operations. View satellite, storms and observed weather lightning

Accurate weather forecasts

We supply accurate and detailed forecasts specifically for your facility, based on advanced model data technology managed by our team of experienced meteorologists.

This allows you to anticipate weather conditions up to seven days in advance. We even provide hourly outlooks for the next two days. Forecasts are also updated every hour for more accurate planning. Forecasted wind speed, chance of precipitation, cloud cover, temperature, humidity, fog risk and pressure can be viewed as detailed graphs.

This information can be used to optimise planning and improve operations on a daily basis, especially around blasting on site and monitoring dam levels.

Have your own weather station

The most recent innovation from AfricaWeather is an online weather portal, which is linked to an automated weather station on your site. The automated weather station captures and accurately measures real-time weather data such as wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure and rain.

These records are stored on secure servers to ensure the integrity of your information and are available to you when you require these records for environmental issues or lost time reports. We use Campbell Scientific Weather Stations, which have become the worldwide standard for meteorological and climatological monitoring.

These state of theart weather stations are affordable through a twoyear operating lease. AfricaWeather handles the installation of the weather station at your site to ensure that it is set up to meet your exact specifications. We also maintain and service the equipment for you.